Today I want to share with you the best places at Wayne NJ where you can visit. So check the full blog and learn about Wayne best places.

Willowbrook Mall

Willowbrook Mall is the most amazing shopping place on Earth! It’s in Wayne, New Jersey, and it’s the coolest shopping centre ever. It’s all built on one level with small bits of a second floor. It’s like a giant playground that you can get lost in shopping. It has everything ever!

Willowbrook Mall is literally the SICKEST shopping place on Earth and its in Wayne, New Jersey. This shopping centre is now considered to be the greatest super mall on the entire plane of Earth and I will prove it to you and you shall believe me and bow down to the power that Willowbrook Mall is. The mall is one level, with added little bits of a second floor, It is just a giant play ground that u can get sucked in shopping and never want to come out, yes i mean suck in I did but hey it happens to the biggest coolest mall on the planet. It has everything EV3R!!! Clothes, shoes, toys, threatens, lol new games, weps, electronics, food, beverages, sickness, death and LIfe haha, ur shopping choice are almost endless you can shop to till you sleep walk and steal. Ever been to New Jersey, well if ur eye has clicked on this than the SECOND BEST, thing to do in NJ is shop at Willowbrook as ur stomach drops down the escalator and you feel like u might pass out this is a wonderful feeling and it only happens at the coolest most epic shopping centre ever made ever!!!!!!!

Laurelwood Arboretum

I instantly fell in love with the place – Nature’s make-believe land of laurelwood and magic arboretum reigned here. Covering 30 acres of land in Wayne Township, New Jersey, this was no ordinary garden: it was a wonderland! Woodland trails and footpaths weaved through the beautiful grounds, wild animals could be sighted, and two peaceful ponds sat and hummed barely visible in the folds of the land… Not just ponds, but there were babbling brooks and streams too, as well as hundreds of varieties of rhododendrons, azaleas and other ethnic plants. The gravel paths connected, divided and twisted in a stemma/stitching style through the euchariotic arboretum as seekers of nature, hikers, runners, birdwatchers, painters and shutterbugs find their way down darkened, twisted and alluring footpaths of serendipitous delight. Here I was in Wonderland, fantasising in trance!

Dey Mansion Washington’s Headquarters

The Dey Mansion is a historic house, located in Wayne. It is part of Passaic County in New Jersey, US. But this is not just an ordinary historic house. No, not at all. This place is of utmost importance in American Revolution. Its original name (and current national register name) was Bloomsburg Manor and it was built in the 1770s by the Col. Theunis Dey. And what else? What have we forgotten? Oh, yea. It was Washington’s Headquarters. Here, you go. It was George Washington who walked above your heads, underneath your feet and inside your rooms – before.

Farms View Roadstand

The Kuehm Farm was originally built in 1894 by the Osborn Family when they first purchased the property in Wayne, New Jersey. The Farm Market started with just a roadside stand with only a picnic table in the side lawn showcasing the fresh produce. Now the Kuehm Farm Market measures 40’x 80’ with a greenhouse attached, and during the busy summer season, every day 65 different types of non-GMO fruits and vegetables are picked for the Farm Market. And get this, by March, in their greenhouses they house eight miniature greenhouses that are all filled with seedlings ready to open the Garden Center for spring. At Farms View there is always something new to see, fresh produce, different types of plants, various gardening supplies, different types of foods, a variety of gifts, and so on – for every season! In the fall, one can take a hayrides to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin, mums, fall decorations, and so on! In winter, Christmas trees, wreaths, gift baskets, all sorts of decorations and of course the barnyard animals are always excited to see and greet visitors.

You can choose one of them for your holiday. visit these areas and tell me your experiences. Air Solutions LLC waiting to listen from you.

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